Thank you to everyone who helped make Marc's party such a wonderful time! We have the best friends imaginable!

Thank you to all for your kind words about the song- I butchered it completely (Sorry, Jeff!) but here it is, so you can hear what I was supposed to sing!
Here are the lyrics- in case you want to sing slong in the privacy of your living room...

By Tom Keegan (Words) and Jeffrey Lodin (Music and Arrangement)


I’ve never really written a song to one I’m smitten,
But all that’s fine’ly gonna change.
And since I’m kinda tone deaf, and can’t write all alone, Jeff
Kindly offered to arrange…

How does one become a verser, without it sounding worser
Or trite or dumb or obv’yusly clichéd?
You call up to the Lodin’s, and Jeffrey puts the notes in,
And THAT is how this little song gets made.

So, hold on to your bonnet while I recite my sonnet
To the notes that Mr. L combined
And should I need assistance, don’t put up no resistance
Add your voice, your notes, whatever- I don’t mind.


Today’s the day that is Marc’d for love
My calendar has had it down forever
(And while) today’s the day that has been Marc’d for love
I know that could really be- whenever!

Today’s the day that is Marc’d for love
My iPhone will remind me in a minute
But any day could be Marc’d for love
Simply because Mr. C is in it!

Today’s the day that is Marc’d for love
I know without a watch upon my arm
Cuz every day has been Marc’d for love
There’s no way that today won’t show his charm.

Today’s the day that is Marc’d for love
The clock tick tocks this message to my brain
In fact that clock is telling me:
It’s time for me to break from this refrain-

There’s no day like the present one
That can’t be made more pleasant, hon,
Than by spending every hour, every minute, every second
With the one who’s second to none!

Today’s the day that is Marc’d for love
I know just from the beating in my chest-
I know today’s been Marc’d for love
Cuz ev’ryday with Marc’s simply the best!
(Thanks for keeping it a secret!)